Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Reformation Day! Or, if you would prefer, Happy Halloween! I'm excited because basketball practice begins next week. There was quite a bit of good stuff out there in the blogosphere this week.

Here's a sampling:

Amy has a good post on our relationship with God.

Good thoughts on the election here.

Dan Kimball has a good question about defining marriage.

Jared Wilson makes like Luther. The first part is here.

Alan Hirsch on planting the Gospel.

TSK gives his Reformation Day post.

Brokenness and community.

nakedpastor on suffering.

Another case of the church copying the culture. (HT: Jonathan Brink)

Jeff McQ is checking his hearing.

Great and timely post from John Armstrong.

Bill Kinnon on keeping it simple.

Barb has some thoughts for church leaders.

Have a great weekend. Watch out for razor blades in apples. (sorry, that was a flashback from when my kids were going out for candy.)

1 comment:

Amy said...

Thank you for mentioning my post today! I appreciate it oodles!

As well, thank you for posting the links to these other blogs. I'll read them in just a bit.

Have a wonderful Friday!

~Amy :)

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