Sunday, February 25, 2018

Weekend Wanderings

Last weekend our daughter and grandson came from California for a long weekend visit. We had a wonderful time with her. Another week has come and gone, and life has returned to what passes for normal. Really, what's normal anyway? Spring has sprung here in the sunny South. The big question is whether or not winter will return to give us one more bite.

Here's a bit of some good posts from the blogosphere:

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Does the spiritual life "work"?

Reasons not to go to church.
New saints for 2018.
For those of you wondering what to study.
Christian Wiman on joy.
The real Margaritaville?

Fascinating look at Camp David.
A burdensome myth.
New love languages.
Messy saints.
Good post from Margaret Pope.

Happiness or joy?
This could change things.
Bob Edwards on forgiveness.
A fool's errand.

Have a blessed week!

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