Sunday, October 19, 2008


Yesterday, Jan and I traveled to Asheville to attend a ceremony remembering the life of my second cousin. Even though she was a cousin, my sister and I knew her as Aunt Polly. Polly was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the ceremony was to place a marker on her tombstone designating her membership. The ceremony was a fine example of a simple patriotism that remembers and honors the sacrifices of those who have preceded us. First, we recited the pledge of allegiance, followed by the American's Creed. Then, a member of the DAR sang the National Anthem.

One of Polly's daughters spoke of her mom's life followed by two granddaughters who spoke of her influence on the lives of all the grandchildren. After this, the marker was unveiled, and a great granddaughter played "Taps" on a trumpet. We then went into the church social hall for a reception. It was a wonderful time seeing cousins I hadn't seen in far too many years, and reconnecting with a bit of my own heritage. I even spent a little time with an aunt on my dad's side. The visit made me realize how easy it is to lose touch with family and how necessary it is to try and keep in contact.

From Asheville we traveled to Columbia to watch my nephew play soccer. It was good to see my sister and her family after a couple of weeks without being with them.

It was a good reminder of the things that are really important: family, faith, and a love for the country in which God has placed you. So many other things in life are affected by how we live out those three things.

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