Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wondering as I wander

I think God has taken me down one of the trails that I explore from time to time. The plans for planting a church here in Rock Hill seem to be on hold for awhile. Some of us are trying to figure out just what it is that God wants us to do. We're more than a little tired of all the institutional stuff that seems to go along with church. We want community and fellowship, and all that. What we don't want is worrying about buildings, salaries, staff and programs. I'm thinking that we should just get together and hang out and see what happens after that. Maybe house church, maybe small church in a rented facility. Heck, maybe we'll become the largest mega-church in North America. :)

I'm also wondering what's going to happen job/ministry wise in the near future. There's a couple of possible opportunities that have presented themselves, and I'm comfortable with any one of them. I'm not in a hurry to leave where I'm at now, but there are some other things I could see myself doing.

I figure this trail will come back out to the road eventually, so I'll just follow it and see where it goes.


debby said...

What God expects from you will come clear as you wander.

co_heir said...

Very true. It always does. Thanks for the reminder.


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