Friday, May 2, 2008


This has been a good week. I only had to help break up one fight at school. The weather is getting warmer and it's almost time for summer break!

Here is what piqued my interest this week:

A Former Leader is enjoying the season.

Molly tries to explain things.

Jake has a good word for teachers.

Dan has some great thoughts.

Anne-droid enjoys God's creation.

Grace weighs in on the Trinity.

Kamp Krusty is an interesting place to visit.

Jeff is processing the pain.

Andrew Jones links to the future of CCM.

Jared wonders if size matters.

Tim Hill is missing something.

John Armstrong has some good thoughts about the Church and race.


molly said...

Hey, thanks for the nice link!
Hmmm, your recent reads look pretty good (the ones I haven't already read--ha!). How was that Yancey book on your sidebar?

Nathan said...

So you can't go wrong with Kamp Krusty. So true. That guy is some kind fo genius or something. Ha!

Hope you had a good weekend?


co_heir said...


I've liked all of the Yancey books I've read. We grew up in similar cultures, so what he writes really resonates with me.


I had a great weekend. How was yours?
btw, I looked for the red button to subscribe to your site and didn't see anything.

co_heir said...

I realized after my comment that you were probably talking specifically about "Church, Why Bother?" I thought it was very good and gave a balanced answer to the title question. He writes how we need each other and how church needs to be community.


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