Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Prince Caspian

We saw Prince Caspian Friday night. It's a good movie, and we all really enjoyed it. There were some things in the movie that are not in the book and overall it isn't as true to the book as the first film.

There were a couple of scenes that got me thinking. The first was when the children and Prince Caspian were at the gorge, trying to figure out how to get across. Lucy caught a glimpse of Aslan on the other side and told the others that he wanted them to follow him. The others didn't believe her and decided that they could find the way better on their own. Later, when they came back to the spot, they found a way across that was much better than any they had thought of. The second scene was when Lucy tried to get the rest to wait for Aslan before they faced the enemy. Again, no one listened and the Narnians went out to fight. In the meantime, Peter and Caspian were having a power struggle over who had the best strategy.

I thought that I am so often like Peter and the others. When it really gets down to it, how much do I really trust Jesus to take care of me and direct my steps? How often do I ask God to show me his will, when what I really want is for God to give his approval to my plans? When things get tough, do I wait for God to move or do I strike out on my own and muck things up? Jesus has told me to follow him, and I know that that is the best way. Sometimes though, I fall back into old patterns and try to figure things out on my own, and then pray that what I want to happen does come about.

I want to follow Jesus like Lucy followed Aslan, with childlike trust that rests completely in him.


debby said...

I love the Narnia stories. I believe that if children have wandered about Narnia, when they explore the Bible, they will recognize that they are in a familiar territory.

re:patrick said...

Saw it too. I love these books and read them about once a year. I'm soooo glad they are doing them as movies (and they are better quality than the BBC version!). :)

co_heir said...

We used to laugh at the BBC version, especially the beavers.

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