Thursday, May 8, 2008

Taking What for Whom?

A Former Leader has asked what people think of when they hear of certain apostolic groups speaking of taking their city for Jesus. I'm not real familiar with charismatic, apostolic churches so
I'm looking at it from a slightly different point of reference.

There is a group here in town that calls itself the "Taking the City Ministry". I've always wondered just what they mean. I've also heard different fundamental, evangelical speakers talk of taking America back. Taking it back from what? When was it taken away? When we do get it back, what are we going to do with it?

Who is going to be in charge and what laws will they come up with? Will we have to follow Old Testament laws, like stoning unruly children? Don't laugh, it's been proposed. Will we be forced by the new government to pay tithes to a church, and if so, what church? Is the Kingdom of God really supposed to be brought in by force?

The Kingdom is already here. Yes, there is a sense in which it is still to come, but the King has come. He does rule over all. But his kingdom is not one of power and force. It is a kingdom of love and grace. We cannot "take" a city or nation by electing the "right" people to public office or by passing more laws. Our calling is to go out and make followers of Jesus. He is the one who changes things by changing hearts.

Check this out at Windblown Hope.


Barb said...

Great post. My husband said today that the Kingdom of God was always for the hearts of men not the governments of the world or the church. Right on!!

co_heir said...

Exactly. Jesus said his kingdom is not of this world.

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