Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

The first week of school is finished. It was a short week for the students as we eased into the year. No use jumping right in with both feet. My duties have changed, and I am spending most of the day in a self contained class. It's a small class, and so far the students are doing fairly well. I'm sure things will change throughout the year, as they always do. Here in the sunny South we are waiting to see what the the tropical storm/hurricane Isaac is going to do. It all depends on a front coming down from the north. We'll see.

Here are the links:

Barking like a dog may not be a spiritual gift.
Discipling as discipleship.
What if we didn't have "church"?
The multi-site option is growing.
Psunday Psalms: Psalm 2.

Good post from Eric Carpenter.
I can relate to this post from Brant Hansen.
Funny post from Frank Viola.
Dan Edelen on a question.
Thoughtful poem by Jonnia Smith.

Make pancakes.
Shattered reality (HT: Alan Knox).
Caring for those who've got it made.
Vow-keeping faith.
Stuff that never happened.

Good words from Jon Acuff.
Focusing on the flame by Keith Giles.
Orientation by Zack Hunt.
Allen Madding on being the church.
At odds with America.

Rolls Royce pickups.
Chocolate (HT: Scot McKnight).
New quiz show.
Shark callers.
What did Paul think of his subordinates?

Have a blessed week.

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