Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

Weekend Wanderings was off last week. Jan and I helped a friend move last Thursday and Friday, then drove to my sister's house for the weekend. While we were exhausted, the weekend was very restful. This week has been busy, but again the weekend promises to be restful. Our daughter, Jennie is in town for a few days and we are enjoying spending time with her. It's been interesting watching the Olympics. It's appropriate that they are in Great Britain, because some of the stories that have come out seem like they could have been Monty Python skits. A scandal in badminton? Really?

Anyway, here are the gold medal links for the week:

A tough lesson to learn.
Be afraid.
Junia's friends.
2012 church olympics.

We all need a tender heart.
Good questions from Eric Carpenter.
Good post from Frank Viola.
Brant Hansen on evil.
Dan Edelen on Romans 8:28.

The awesomeness of Jesus.
Alan Knox has a good question.
Atrocities and the nagging question.
A question from J.R. Miller.

Just like Jesus.
What about next Wednesday?
Arthur Sido on rendering to Caesar.
"Enter to worship...leave to serve."
Getting wet.

Jeff Dunn writes about isolation.
Ronnie McBrayer on what is behind the beauty.
Here's a new airline to try (HT: Scot McKnight).
An iMonk classic.

I hope you enjoy the reading. Have a blessed week!

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