Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

It has been an interesting week. Softball season kicked of with a tournament this weekend. My girls lost three games, but they improved in each one. There is some potential there and we may have a pretty decent season. We'll see. The weather is beginning to be consistently springlike, and I think the chance of any more winter weather is gone. God continues to remind me gently that he is the one in charge, and I'm learning to trust more.

On to the links of the week:

This is getting to be a problem.
The Forgotten Beatitude Part II.
Many have been guilty of this.
This is kind of expensive.
Becca Nelson is under construction.

Boy, I needed to read this.
This is sad.
John Armstrong on John Piper and tornadoes.
An interview with Ronnie McBrayer about his book.
Nate Pruitt is dreaming.

Good words from Jon Acuff.
Constantly crucified.
Arthur Sido on tithing.
Edification as worship.
Learning to lose.

Just a reminder.
Have you ever been lost?
Hopefully, this doesn't surprise anyone.
Thoughts on shepherding.
Carol Smith Turner writes about her favorite mistake.

That's all for this week. May the Father bless you!

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Weekend Wanderings

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