Thursday, March 15, 2012

Letting Go Part 2

I think I must be hardheaded or something. It seems that God had to slow me down a bit more in order to teach me that I am not the one in charge here. A week ago, I lifted a box containing softball uniforms and felt something pop in my lower abdomen where I had hernia surgery about 12 years ago. I went to the doctor on Friday and was informed that it was a strain. Needless to say, I was relieved. Unfortunately the story doesn't end there.

On Monday, I was informed by the personnel office of the school district that I was not supposed to work for two weeks. The doctor had written on the report that I was not allowed to do any heavy lifting, bending, stooping, etc. for two weeks. I figured it wouldn't be a problem because I don't do any of those things in my job. Unfortunately, because I work in special ed., there is the slight (read miniscule) possibility that I might have to do something like that. So, I was sent home until I was cleared by the doctor to come back. Normally, I wouldn't complain too loudly about a two week vacation in March, except for the fact that I also am not allowed to coach my softball team during that time. There is another teacher in the school who was able to step in and take the team, along with my two assistants, and I am grateful for that.

The hard part for me is letting go of the team for two weeks. There are all kinds of scenarios that I can come up with while I am not there. I went to the game on Tuesday to show my support for the girls, and it was hard to sit and watch. Between that and being at home without being able to do a whole lot, it's hard. I'm able to do a bit of work around the house and in the yard, but it's not quite the same as doing what I get paid to do. I've had to slow down at a time when I'm usually pretty busy, and my temptation is to complain about it and then waste the time. I'm trying to relax and listen to the voice of my Shepherd in all of this, and trust his will. It's not an easy thing to do, but hopefully I will learn more about letting my Father lead me and show me what he wants me to do.

There is definitely on good thing in all this. I get to watch all of the NCAA Tournament. :)


AmyW said...

Rest and heal...and maybe it will rain out a few softball games so you won't miss very much :)

This coming from a coach's wife who understands how frustrating it is for you to sit on the sidelines.

Take care.

co_heir said...

Thanks, Amy. I'm finding it's harder to sit back and watch the games than it is to be on the field. I am resting and healing though. :)

Acts 14

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