Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lessons Learned From a Cat

Keith Giles at subversive1 has a guest post written by his wife Wendy titled Lessons Learned from Tiger. The post is about their cat Tiger, and the lessons she learned from caring for him after he was injured in a fight. I think the lessons she learned are lessons that we all can take to heart in our lives, especially in our relationships with others and with God. God spoke to me through these lessons. Maybe there is something here for you as well.
  • Feeling trapped can make you destructive.
  • Sometimes help can look a lot like punishment.
  • We can mistake family for strangers because of smell/appearance.
  • It's hard to eat and drink on your own when you're wearing the "cone of shame."
  • That's when you step in and feed them by hand.
  • Medicine that's hidden in food goes down more easily.
  • The treatment against infection is sometimes painful.
  • The one stuck outside wants desperately to be inside. The one inside desperately wants to be outside.
  • We can't always see the big picture.
  • Two weeks seems like an eternity.
  • It's awful to not be able to scratch your own itch, and such a relief when someone comes to help.
  • It's easier when you don't fight it.
  • Wounds require a great deal of care to heal properly.
  • Fighting can be quite costly and painful.
She goes on to list four more lessons that she found "much more touching and beautiful."
  • God didn't set a limit on how much He was willing to pay for my sake.
  • He understand the groaning of my heart which are much too deep for words.
  • He is patient and attentive to detail in caring for my needs which continue throughout my life, and not just two weeks.
  • He is compassionate even when I am frustrating.

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