Friday, March 19, 2010


March Madness has struck! Millions are infected! No, I'm not talking about all the celebrating on St. Patrick's Day. The first round has been exciting so far, with close games and upsets that not too many saw coming. Thousands of brackets have been ruined and possibly millions of dollars have been lost in office pools. The fun continues for another two weeks.

Here's some of the good stuff out their on the web:

A prayer by St. Patrick.
12 mostly true facts about St. Patrick.
When is church not church?
A good question.
Jonathan Brink on marriage.

A time to weep. Indeed.
What should be our response to the times?
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are more than just days of the week.
Donald Miller has some good thoughts on Glenn Beck.
Food choices as theology.

A classic iMonk rant.
Scot McKnight has a series on N.T. Wright's book, After You Believe. Part 1 is here.
The just and the unjust.
What would you do if you had your life to live over?
Here is what to do if your books get soaked. (HT: Scot McKnight)

I hope your weather is getting more spring-like. Enjoy your weekend.


Kansas Bob said...

Our weather has been GREAT this week here in KC.. then it snowed today :(

Kansas Bob said...

Noticed you are reading the new McLaren book. I'm interested in your thoughts on it. Liking it so far?

co_heir said...

I'm reading the book slowly when I have time to go to Books-a-Million and read for awhile. I've just read the first few chapters. Like everything else he writes it makes me think. I'm sure there will be things I'll disagree with, but it's good to be challenged and to question long held assumptions.

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