Friday, March 5, 2010


Another week has come and gone. February has finally gone the way of all months, and March has announced its arrival with a snowstorm on the second day. The extended forecast here in the sunny South is for warmer temperatures. We may even see the sun a bit more. I'm continuing to recover from my surgery.

And now, the links of the week:

Provocative thoughts from Dan Edelen.
Jesus statues.
Faith through the pain.
Definitely a casual service.

Check this out!
Non-negotiables from Jared Wilson.
Time to man up.
Bob Hyatt is not done with church.

Scot McKnight on legalism. Part 1 is here.
Scot McKnight reviews Brian McLaren's new book.
Just in case you find yourself in a Baptist church.
The Gospel Groove workout.

Marvelous Milly.
Anyone want to buy me one of these? (HT: Kansas Bob)
Should pastors/elders be paid a salary?
This is interesting.
Would folks ask this question of us?

I hope your weekend is great!

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