Friday, March 12, 2010


This has been the first week this year here in the sunny South where the high temperatures have been 60 or above every day. The weather is finally starting to get close to normal, although it is still raining a lot. My softball team has had to practice inside most of the week. This weekend, we set our clocks ahead one hour. It'll be nice to have the sun stay up longer in the evening.

On to the good stuff:

Don Miller has started a series on commercialism and faith. Part 1 is here.
More good stuff from Josh.
The company Jennie works for (Stargate Studios) is doing some amazing things. Check it out here and here.
An update on iMonk.

A Ballad of the Seasons.
Good thoughts.
Lessons from a bass guitar.
The two-fisted Gospel.

A needed reminder from Jason Boyett.
Scot McKnight responds to Glenn Beck.
Artificial hipsters (HT: Scot McKnight).
Scum of the Earth.

Meals as maps.
A good way to respond to postmodern skeptics.
Fellowship is fundamental.
Hotel of cards.

Enjoy your weekend. Don't forget the clock.


kc bob said...

Sad news about iMonk.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

AmyW said...

Glad to read the response to Beck's latest rant. I don't watch TV much anymore and I had missed this bit of news. Here's a link on CNN's homepage this morning...

Mark (under construction) said...

Will follow some of these links ... HEY!!! now I know where our daylight saving went, you fellahs took it .... I'm enjoying the Autumn evening shadows though.

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