Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Josh

On Saturday, January 22, 1983 the Washington Redskins won the NFC championship. The next day the joy in the Shope household was increased even more when a son was born. This boy was our firstborn and little did we know how he would change our lives. We discovered quickly that he did not like to sleep, at least at night when we thought he should.

We also discovered early on what a blessing this little boy was to us. As he grew, we marvelled at how he quickly he learned things. We were also concerned, because we wanted him to be able to be educated properly and knew it would be a challenge keeping him interested. Fortunately he loved to read, so we knew that he would learn.

As he grew and became interested in sports, I had the opportunity to coach him during baseball season, and help him with his basketball skills. He even helped me out during basketball, keeping me calm on the bench. It was exciting to watch him develop his skills and his love for sports. As he grew into a teenager, he began to grow and develop those skills even more. During high school he was a multi-sport athlete.

The academic side of life was not ignored either, as this young man continued to be an excellent student, winning numerous awards and academic scholarship money. Not only did he earn good grades but learned to think and to form his own opinions. As we dropped him off at college, we knew he would do well. He did, and began to develop into even more of a unique individual.

After a couple of rough years of learning to trust God, he came back home to pursue what he feels the Father has gifted him to do. Our relationship has deepened and changed into more of a friend to friend rather than parent to child.

Josh, it has been an absolute joy watching you grow and mature. We've enjoyed seeing God work in you and grow your faith in him. We are treasuring the time we have with you now as we have treasured the time we've had since you were born. We are extremely proud of you and we love you. Happy Birthday.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Josh!! I'm going to hop on over to his blogpage right now and wish him one!

Thank you for sharing what you did here about him!

~Amy :)

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