Friday, September 12, 2008


Does it seem like the presidential campaign has been going on forever? Now all the state office candidates are running their mud-slinging ads on TV. I'll be so glad when November 5 comes and the ads, blogs, e-mails, etc., will be gone.

Here's a great story.

Tim Hill has an interesting take on the election.

Alan Hirsch answers an important question.

Are you a faith blogger?

Brother Maynard takes on the church leadership culture.

Len at NextReformation talks about "church".

This has good potential. (HT: Jonathan Brink)

This is amazing!

Michael Spencer is a reductionist?

This just isn't right. (HT: Scot McKnight)

Internetmonk does an interview with Julie Neidlinger about leaving church.

Good post on textual criticism. (HT: Conservative Reformed Mafia)

Paglia on Palin. (HT: Bob Hyatt)

Camille Lewis takes a look back.

It looks like God is going to be making some changes around these parts. We'll see what happens.

Have a great weekend!

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