Monday, September 15, 2008

Real Life

A little bit ago, Rachel posted a picture of Piper Palin spitting on her palm so she could wet down the cow-lick in her brother's hair. It's a cute picture and has even made it onto late night TV.

What struck me about that picture was how, in the midst of all the hoopla of a political convention, real life happens. Sometimes we get so wrapped in the things we are doing that we forget that life is going on all around us. We tend to get tunnel vision and think that the "big thing" that we are doing is the most important thing on earth. This is true whether we are involved in politics, making money, or even doing "church" work.

It has been said that at the end of our lives, no one will say, "I wish I'd spent more time at the office." I think that is so true. Most of us will look back over our lives and wish we'd developed relationships with those around us, even with those in our own families.

I wonder if we will stand before Jesus and hope he will be impressed with the churches we have built, the doctrinal debates we have won, the systematic theologies we have constructed; only to hear him say, "Yes, but how many of your neighbors did you really get to know? How many times did you give to me by relating to and serving one of the least of these? Did you help your family grow in their faith? You missed a lot of the abundant life that I came to give you because you were consumed with all the "great" things you thought you were doing for me."

Let us never forget to live.


Rich Wagner said...

Wonderful post and exactly what I needed to read. Thank you so much.

co_heir said...

You're welcome.

jonathan said...


Amy said...

Hello! I found your blog from a link, from a link, from a link...well (hee hee!) you get the point.

Anyways, I see you are a a fellow "The Shack" reader, as well as some other great books. I NEED to read Divine Conspiracy, yet I already have a stack of others to still get to. Plus, books do cost money, and well, I'm just a bit tight now.

In any case, I'd love it if you would visit my blog. I always enjoy new readers/bloggers and comments.

~Amy :)

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