Monday, March 31, 2008

Lesson in Grace

It is so true that, when we least expect it, God brings things our way to teach us. Last Friday, I had a run-in with a boy in my class. He is a Christian and is not afraid to let everyone know it. He can also be a behavior problem at times. His attitude toward school and authority is not what you would call good, and occasionally we will clash.

He came into class griping about something, and was some what disrespectful to the teacher I work with. After listening for a bit, I had had enough. I said, "If you're going to act the way you do, and have that kind of attitude, just stop calling yourself a Christian."

Last night, God told me that I needed to apologize for my self righteous arrogance. I came in this morning and called the student aside and apologized to him. Somehow, in the middle of my apology, I got the brilliant idea that this was an opportunity to teach this young man about grace. Instead, he reached out his hand and said, "That's okay, I know we all have problems and things God is working on us about. I know I've got anger issues, and I'm trying to deal with it." Then he shook my hand and went to class. Then God reached out and lightly smacked me on the back of the head. I realized that I was the one who needed to learn the lesson about grace. In effect, what the student had said to me is, "It's okay, we're all broken in some way. But you're my brother so I love you".

That's what God says to us. "I know you're not perfect, and you're going to screw up. But you're my child and I love you". "My grace is big enough to cover everything".

Because God has given us the gift of his unending grace, we need to extend that same grace to those we come in contact with. Because we're all broken and we all need grace, both from God and from each other.


AnneDroid said...

Wonderful post.

"Then God reached out and lightly smacked me on the back of the head."

I've had that happen to me too!

Ivy said...

He certainly brings us up short doesn't he? What Wondrous Love is This!

re:patrick said...

I LOVE this story. That is great! :)


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