Thursday, March 20, 2008


This year, as we are in the middle of Holy Week, I see some very encouraging signs in the Church. During Jesus' last supper with his disciples, he gave them the commandment that would define his followers, the command to love each other as he loved them. He washed their feet, giving them an example of the self-sacrifice that this love would require.

What is encouraging to me is the number in the Church who are realizing that we are to be about showing God's love and grace to those around us, and that spreading the Gospel and making disciples goes beyond a ticket to heaven, that it affects our day to day lives. The Church is beginning to break out of the small box it has been in for the past century or so, and is recognizing that our Father is so much bigger and more powerful than anything we can imagine. There is a movement of the Spirit going on. I would liken it to a new Reformation. Yes, it is messy at times, but I have hope that God will form his Church into something that will again "turn the world upside down".

Check out the sites I have listed to get a sense of what I'm talking about

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