Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good Weekend

This has been a very good weekend for my family and me. On Friday, we went to an interaith Stations of the Cross service. Saturday was the night for the Easter vigil at an Episcopal church our son attends. This morning found us at a sunrise service at the Associated Reformed Presbyterian church my father-in-law goes to. Later, we went to a PCA church for their Easter service. It is good to see how different traditions celebrate our Lord's resurrection, and it gives me an appreciation of the diversity of the Body.

A common theme through all the celebrations, especially Sunday's was that the resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything. No longer do we have to live in fear. Christ has conquered death and hell. He has given us life. We no longer have to live for self. Christ has broken the bonds of sin, the pride that says I am better than others and can earn my favor with God. We are free and able to love others as Jesus has loved us, and we now live through the endless grace of God.

Because Christ is risen, he tells us to go and tell others that the King has come. He has established and is establishing his Kingdom. It is a Kingdom built on love and sacrifice, not power and oppression, a Kingdom built on peace, not conflict.

Christ is risen! Go and tell the story.

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re:patrick said...

This sounds like such a cool way to spend Easter Sunday! It is so awesome to remember that we are connected to the WHOLE body--not just our little individual branches. :)


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