Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fruit of the Spirit: Joy

This is the second post in a series:
Part 1 is here.

Joy is defined as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. I think that's a good definition because the words translated "Joy" in Scripture can be defined that way. I also believe that joy, at least for the child of Abba, goes much deeper.

We can find joy in many things. For instance, I feel great joy in serving with friends at a local men's shelter. I find joy in being with Jan, more so than with anyone else. I also find joy in simply spending time with my brothers and sisters.

What about when the shtuff of life hits the fan? That's when we have to find our joy in what Abba has done for us in Christ. Jesus endured the sufferings on the cross because of the joy in knowing what that suffering would do. If our suffering somehow complete's the suffering of Jesus and works for the Kingdom, then we can have joy even the midst of the most horrendous pain.

Abba, give us the joy in you that can lift us up and carry us through all things, even suffering.

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