Friday, March 14, 2014

Yet Another Lesson

I've written before about some of the things God has taught me through my interactions with the students with whom I work, and with friends. This morning the Father had another one lined up for me. I have been asking for more intimacy, for open ears to hear what he has for me, and for open eyes to see what he is doing so I can join in. Today, for some reason I was starting to wonder if some of the things that I do are worth it. This is something that pops into my head from time to time.

One of my students came in this morning and told me that he had left his binder at home. Essentially, he had nothing that he needed for the day. My initial reaction was what consequences need to happen to remind him to bring his stuff to school. I brought it to the attention of my lead teacher, and her response was to give him paper and a pen. On the way to his class, I was still thinking, "How can he forget his stuff? Why can't he be more responsible?" As we walked down the hall, I felt the Father say, "How many times do you forget?"

It's true. I often forget who I am in Christ. I forget that Christ lives in me. I forget that my Father knows the end from the beginning, and is working to reconcile all things to himself, using even my puny efforts to advance his kingdom. I forget that I am not called to save anyone or do anything on my own. I am simply called to abide in Christ and let him produce fruit in me as I seek to follow him. Any good that comes from what I do, as a teacher, husband, father, or friend is up to God, not me. I am not responsible to bring about any change. I am only responsible to be faithful to what God has called me to. I forget that my Abba loves me with an inexhaustible love that goes beyond my understanding. I forget that his grace is given to me simply because he loves me, and that I can't earn more grace or blow it so badly that I lose grace.

What is interesting is that God didn't berate me for forgetting those things. He didn't treat me like I would have treated the student. He graciously reminded me of those things which I too easily forget, and reminded me that he gives me everything I need for each day, just like the teacher gave paper and a pen to the student. Abba doesn't treat me like a forgetful student, but as his beloved son in whom he is pleased. Thank God for his grace and love!

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