Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weekend Wanderings

This weekend is the last one in March, and hopefully the last one with any kind of winter weather. It's warming up here in the sunny South, and many folks are planting gardens of various kinds. Some have already put their plants in. The NCAA tournament is in its next to last weekend. Who do you think will take the crown?

Moving right along, here are the links of the week:

Good post from Andrew Camp.
Great story!
Michael Schulson has an interesting take on college basketball.
Happiness is not the goal.
Eric Carpenter on the biggest divider.

Peace in Jesus.
Secrets of airline travel.
Spurgeon and cigars.
Matt Redmond wants to be this kind of pastor.
Good post by Jared Wilson.

Religious despair.
Promises, promises.
Things Jesus never said.
James Duncan on celebrity pastors.
Mary on true beauty.

Good post from one of my former players.
Keith Giles on signs and wonders.
Ed Czyewski on Revelation.
Chris Lautsbaugh on living right.
Arthur Sido on American conservatism.

Have a blessed week!

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