Friday, October 30, 2009


Not only is it Friday, but it this weekend is the time when we get to turn our clocks back an hour. You can get an extra hour of sleep, or you can stay up an hour longer.

Last night, we went into Charlotte to see a work of performance art. The artist is a professor at the University of Chicago who does some pottery and travels around doing performances and teaching at various schools. One of Josh's classes has been working with him on an architectural piece of art. Tonight is the opening of the exhibit.

Faceless International is an organization doing good work to help lift women and girls out of the circumstances that put them into the hands of human traffickers. Check out their website and go here for information on how to win some prizes.

Sad but true. (HT: Tony Jones)
Bob Hyatt finishes his series on submission.
One of the more unique marriage proposals I've ever seen.
Anyone looking for a spiritual father?
If you're famous, you can write a book. Or get someone else to write it and put your name on it.
What if we met to edify one another?

Just in case you were wondering how to worship.
Josh wrote a moving tribute to his grandmother.
Three ways to push iMonk's buttons.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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Jeff Goins said...

Thanks for the link, Fred!

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