Friday, October 2, 2009


The weather has been beautiful this past week. The lows have been in the 40s and 50s with highs in the 70s. Soon the leaves will be changing color, and things will look nice for a while. We bought a new computer this week. Our dog got tangled up in the power cord and pulled our old Dell laptop off the chair, and it died. We replaced it with an Acer netbook. It takes a little getting used to the smaller size, but it's nice.

Evidently, Starbucks' new instant coffee isn't going over very well.
Experts. Well, maybe.
Jake Belder on Christian fellowship.
iMonk riffs.
Jeff McQ on shedding weight.
Strong words, but needed.
This sounds like a good idea.
This is wild.
Turns out Dan Brown isn't that good of a writer after all (HT: Brother Maynard).
Invite or invade?
Can the Church offer real alternatives?
Morality and narrative law.

Enjoy your weekend.

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