Friday, August 7, 2009


This is the last TGIF before summer vacation ends. Beginning next Friday, the letters TGIF will begin to mean more. :) Jan and I spent the past two days at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. We were volunteering at the World Vision table here at the Charlotte site, and were able to sit in on all the sessions for free. We enjoyed it and learned some valuable things. If you've get a chance to go to a Leadership Summit, check it out. It's more than just mega-church CEO type leadership stuff.

Now, it's with great pleasure that I present to you the links of the week:

Holy listening. Sarah Gillis writes the winning entry in the social justice writing contest. Dr. Lewis thinks we should all listen to this. Jared Wilson gives us 25 evangelical myths. Alan Knox on distractions to worship. Planetshaken, but not stirred. Jonathan Brink on true fundamentalism. Interesting series on Genesis one. Part 1 is here. John Armstrong asks if we have a theological deficit. Jeff McQ has been rethinking his views on worship.

Enjoy your reading and have a great weekend.

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