Friday, March 27, 2009


This week has gone by very quickly. As Kermit said, "Time's sure fun when you're having flies."

As usual, here's the good stuff:

Wal-Church and the farmers' market. Jesse Medina on community. Be careful not to ride the social justice bandwagon. Who are you dressed like?

I think Bill may have a point here. Here's a good question for the church. Jake Belder on N.T. Wright on heaven. The Bible and alcohol. I'm not so sure about this (HT: Scot McKnight). Josh is scared. Rob Woodrum has a new page of Rabbi Encounters up. This is funny. Missional vs. institutional (HT: Brother Maynard). 'Nuff said (HT: Jonathan Brink). Jeff McQ is remembering. Brant Hansen answers a question. Grace looks at the future. Amy writes about sacred spaces. Theology of bread.

May the Father bless you this weekend.

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Amy said...

Thank you for mentioning my blogpost!

I always so love and enjoy these Friday "TGIF" posts when you cite others' blogs. You always seem to have new ones I have not discovered.

~Amy :)

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