Friday, March 13, 2009


I decide to change the profile picture. I figured everyone was tired of looking at my arm. This picture was taken off the coast of Florida last summer. Winter is refusing to let go completely. The temperature has dropped from 83 on Tuesday to 40 today.

Here's what's interesting this week:

Why do they hate us? iMonk thinks he knows why. Are you a Christian hipster? (HT: Scot McKnight) There's a woman in the footnotes. The most anti-essential Christian books (HT: Jonathan Brink). A new word. Jonathan Brink extends an invitation to women. Len on Reformation. Brother Maynard is tired, but still finds the energy to review Reggie McNeal's new book. Jared Wilson reviews Christless Christianity. Bob Hyatt has more thoughts on video venue churches.

Have a great weekend. As God brings it to mind, please pray for Josh. He's visiting NYC this week and has been laid low with a really bad sore throat and cold. He's scheduled to fly home tomorrow. Thanks.

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