Friday, March 20, 2009


Today is the first official day of Spring. Here in the sunny South we've already had spring. Followed by winter. Followed by spring, then winter, a couple days of summer, then winter, and then back to spring. The madness has begun and I'm looking for my Xavier Musketeers to go on a roll and go all the way.

Here's the good stuff:

How to be a an Emergent PoMo pastor-leader person. Rum and restoration. Sounds like an interesting combination. (HT: Jonathan Brink) Bill Kinnon doesn't pull any punches in this post. Evidently, Dr. Lewis used to be a dork. Is the American church too macho? Rich Wagner writes on the missiology of St. Patrick. iMonk has the antidote to the coming Evangelical collapse. Avoiding the appearance of evil. Are evangelicals anti-intellectual?

The Gospel of the Kingdom. Amy writes about the downtrodden among us. Brother Maynard on (consumerist) Christian theology. Jared Wilson reviews Christless Christianity. 1000 awesome things (HT: Brother Maynard).

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for citing my post about the homeless, poor - the downtrodden!

~Amy :)

co_heir said...

You're welcome.

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