Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Prayer


We pray for President-elect Obama. We pray that you would bless him and protect him. We ask that you would enable him to govern with justice, mercy, and humility. Let him know that he is in such a high position because of your grace, and that he is your servant. We pray for his family as they face the pressures of a life far different from what they have known.

We pray for your people. This election season has been more divisive than any other and your Church needs healing and reconciliation. Remind us that, no matter how we view politics, we all serve the True King. Help us to keep our allegiance where it belongs, and to represent the Kingdom of God as ambassadors who tell and show others the beauty of that Kingdom. Instead of being known for our cultural and political views, let us be known for the love that we show others.

Each day, in all we do, let your name be lifted up and hallowed. Let your Kingdom come in our actions and attitudes. Let us do your will on this earth as it is done in heaven. Meet our daily needs, and keep us grateful.
Help us to forgive others because of the great forgiveness you have given us. Keep us from all temptation, and deliver us from evil. The Kingdom, all honor, and all glory belongs to you.



Ryan said...

Amen to that. I've heard several people say that they were literally scared of the outcome to this election. It's important to remind ourselves that God is still in control.

co_heir said...

Good to hear from you Ryan. How's everything?

Amy said...

Great prayer. Excellent. He will need our prayers.

~Amy :)

Ryan said...

Everything is well, thanks for asking! :)

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