Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekend Wanderings

It looks like most of the US is sweltering under very hot temperatures. In some places they are at dangerous levels. If you know any folks who don't have air conditioning, please check in on them. The GOP act of the circus ended and now it's the Democrats turn. Then three months of folks telling us why the opponent is evil incarnate and how their candidate will save us all. Hopefully it will pass quickly.

On to the links:

This is interesting.
Good one from The Babylon Bee.
The man behind the curtain.
Learning from grief.

Last gasp?
World's steepest street.
Cool story.
Provocative article from Eric D. Weitz.
Some things haven't changed in England.

Interesting post from Keith Giles.
Empires and insecurity.
Chaplain Mike disagrees.
Allan Bevere on politics.

The cost of listening.
Good study on James 1:12-27.
Restoring dignity.
Good post from Sammy Rhodes.
John Frye on a game changing book . It's been influential for me too.


KC Bob said...

The hot weather seems to have broken here for the moment Fred. Hanging around 80 this week. Stay cool my friend.

Fred Shope said...

Still close to 100 here. Supposed to get to 89 next week.

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