Saturday, May 9, 2015

Weekend Wanderings

Allergy season has kicked into high gear here in the sunny South. It has been hard to get a good night's sleep lately, with all the stuffiness and coughing. This too shall pass. The NBA playoffs continue and it looks as if the storylines this year will be different than those of the previous season. We are still three weeks from hurricane season and Tropical Storm Ana is making some noise off the east coast. It could be an interesting summer.

Enough small talk. On to the links:

Open letter to Tom Brady.
Allan Bevere on the church.
Christian American horror story.
Scot McKnight on holiness.
The E-word.

Making a difference?
That is a serious wave!
Walking as Jesus walked.
Chaplain Mike on the Table.
Great news for Liberia!

Good news for moms.
Good article from Donavon Riley.
How to miss out.
10 most polluted cities in the United States.
Jesus as the new Adam.

Steve Brown on God.
Is constant entertainment a good thing?
A faith worth losing?
A post about parenting from Matt Appling.
One source.

Have a blessed week!

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