Saturday, May 16, 2015

Weekend Wanderings

It's a beautiful weekend here in the sunny South. I'm spending a lot of time outside working in the yard, trying to make it look halfway decent. Continue to pray for Nepal. I can't imagine having to deal with a major disaster like that on the heels of the first one. If you can give to any of the organizations that are helping there, please do so.

Here are the links:

The royal law.
Carly Marin on tragedy.
What really happened?
Martin Marty on a rash of suicides among the Sioux.
Being hurt.

10 sacred sites destroyed in the last decade.
Good post from Arthur Sido.
Putting an end to sweatshop labor.
What is grace?
Lindsey Holcomb on the church and women at risk.

Freedom, joy, and dancing.
This probably won't be a smoke filled room.
Avengers, anthropology, and awareness.
Rushing or dragging?
Don't do it!

Mark Moore on Ascension Day.
Christian bill of rights.
Orlando Patterson on America's cities.
Glittering vices.
Good article from Jonathan Storment.

Have a blessed week!

1 comment:

KC Bob said...

Been rainy but nice here Fred.

Thanks for the link!

Have a great week!

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