Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weekend Wanderings

It has turned colder here in the sunny South. Of course, we don't have it close to as bad as other parts of the country. Evidently, just about the entire country is supposed to be much colder than usual this weekend. Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. Are you giving up anything? I'm looking for something positive to add for the season, so if anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them.

On to the good stuff:

Good reminder for all of us.
Good point.
Yoga pants.
Zack Hunt calls for some humility.
Untamed Christianity.

Three questions.
So it turns out Charles Manson isn't getting married after all.
Those North Koreans sure know how to celebrate!
Wrecked expectations.
Stress and spiritual life.

Zach LaVine has some hops! If you’re a basketball fan, you understand.
This is not good.
Chaplain Mike on being countercultural.
Like a child.
Two good questions.

Pam Hogeweide is killing with kindness.
Community of contrast.
Coping with fear.
Good reminder from Michael Spencer.

Have a blessed week!

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