Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Wanderings: Long Weekend Edition

One of the nice things about being semiretired is the ability to extend any weekend to three days. Springlike weather has made an appearance here in the sunny South, proof that the groundhog is no better than anyone else at predicting the weather. Of course, winter is liable to come roaring back in at any time.

On to the real reason you're here.

Michael Spencer on poets.
Coldest town on earth.
Good post from Arthur Sido.
On being incomplete.
Hope for North Korea.

California and water.
Keith Giles on love.
Outcast? Possibly.
The H-Bomb.
Matt Appling on frustration.

Anyone want to take up Norse religion?
Drawing a line?
Eric Carpenter on war.
Opposite extremes?
Scot McKnight disagrees.

Have a blessed week!


KC Bob said...

Weathr was great in KC too Fred.

Fred Shope said...

Good to hear Bob!

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