Saturday, January 24, 2015

Weekend Wanderings

It's cold and flu season here in the sunny South, and this year I got bit. I've spent one week laid up and one week trying to recover. It seems that colds tend to hang on to me for a while. Oh well. Life goes on. It seems the NFL has a bit of a scandal brewing over the amount of air in certain footballs. If you're a fan, it will be interesting to see how that shakes out. So much for small talk. On the important stuff.

Here are the links.

I think many of us grew up with free range parents.
I didn't know this was a thing. Apparently, Steven Anderson did.
Good article on addiction.
I didn't know this was an issue.
Evidently, this is not a thing.

The greatest false idol of modern Christianity.
Are you one of the twenty six percent?
Climbing a volcano.
The worst thing ever?

Hannah Brencher on staying.
Good post for churches.
Risky love.
Good article by Daniel Emery Price.
What about the past?

Undeserved grace.
Two steps forward, one step back.
Open your door.
Pressure and weight.

That's it for now. Have a blessed week!

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