Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Wanderings

It's time for another edition of Weekend Wanderings! *cue wild applause* It's a long weekend for many of us as Monday is the holiday for Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. The weather here in the sunny South is sunny, but colder than normal. Much of the country seems to be colder than usual as well. It's been so wet here on the weekends that I haven't been able to chop up the leaves in the back yard. Hopefully, it'll stay dry this weekend so I can do that on Monday. Saturday, Jan and I went to the NASCAR Hall of Fame here in Charlotte with Josh and Jan's dad. I'm not a huge fan but it was fascinating to see how racing has grown from a bunch of moonshine runners to the huge business it is today, and what goes into the process of having a successful team.

On to the links:

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A lie that Cole Brown's pastor told him.


KC Bob said...

Really warm here - 60s yesterday and 50s today. 20s tomorrow though. :(

Fred Shope said...

It was in the 60s today. 30s and 40s the rest of the week with lows in the teens. Pretty cold for this area.

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