Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekend Wanderings

Another week has gone into history. It was our first week back at school after Christmas break. It was hard getting up on Monday morning! The polar vortex has retreated back to where it belongs and the weather seems to be getting back to normal.

On to the real reason you're here. The links:

A new type of addiction.
Something is wrong here.
Pretty cool.
Waiting on God.
Significant others.

Lori Ventola resolves to be shameless.
Linda Brendle wishes you a messy new year.
Michelle Van Loon on community.
Zack Hunt on grace.
Damaris Zehner asks us to consider the dogs.

What kids say.
In what way?
50 countries where it is hardest to be a Christian.
The baptism of Jesus.
Some winter comic relief.

Scot McKnight on the best age for leaders.
Circuses, monkeys and the new year.
Could the Bible be written today?
When Niagara Falls freezes over.
Good question from Jared Wilson.

Have a blessed week!

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