Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend Wanderings

The government is back in business, at least until the next time. It seems that the only thing that remains to be seen is which party will suffer the most in the next election. It seems that both parties are more concerned with their side winning than the good of the country, so I think my vote is going to go to someone who is not an incumbent. On a lighter note, the sunny South is a beautiful place to be. The leaves in the higher elevations are at their peak, and those in the lowlands are beginning to turn.

On to the links:

Living with wonder.
Scot McKnight on standing vs. sitting.
As it turns out, we should eat more bacon.
Some kind of wonderful.

Wayward Son on time.
A call to meditation.
Arthur Sido pleads for humility.
Best modern churches in the UK.
T.E. Hanna on a pernicious temptation.

More on the NSA's activities.
Dan Edelen on feeling like an imposter.
"Arts church".
Zack Hunt on taking a sabbatical.
What is prayer?

Keith Giles on the gap.
Who am I?
Chaplain Mike on facing aging.
Is it edible?
Mike Erich on waiting.

Have a blessed week!

1 comment:

KC Bob said...

So agree with your take on the shutdown Fred.

And it is hard to argue when science tells us that bacon is good for us. ツ


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