Saturday, September 21, 2013

Weekend Wanderings

After a few days of the weather teasing us, tomorrow it will be fall here in the sunny South. (probably everywhere else too). I'm even noticing leaves starting to fall off the trees, and you know what that means. Raking and mulching! The leaves are beautiful when they change color. It would be nice if they didn't drop off, but then we wouldn't have the new green leaves in the spring. It's kind of like a lot of things in life. Life often comes out of death.

So much for philosophizing. Here are the links:

Challenging article by Rachel Barnette.
Jeffrey Macdonald on a possible trend.
Alan Knox has a question.
Matt Miles is fasting.
Mary is celebrating small victories.

Confessions of a pretender.
Two most important days.
Politician preachers.
Effortless and free.

Len on safe church.
A family story.
J.R. Miller pronounces woe.
Flip flops and feet.
A story by Daisy Lee Archibald.

Nadia on grace.
Tolkien and Lewis.
Europe: AD 1000 to present day.
Encouraging post from Dan Edelen.
Eric Carpenter writes about what he is for.

Melody rambles.
Like this, like that.
Good post from Brant Hansen.

I hope your first week of fall is a great one!

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Weekend Wanderings

Spring seems to be making its way in slowly. Here in the sunny South, we are still have temperatures in the thirties some mornings. The nort...