Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend Wanderings

It's been a stressful week around here. Work was very "interesting," and a health scare had Jan and me scrapping our Saturday plans. Everything is fine. Turned out to be a false alarm, but the links are a bit shorter this week.

Here they are:

This video had been around for awhile, but it's still funny.
For men.
For women.
Zeal, or anger?

Nate Pruitt on remembering, violence, and love.
Zack Hunt asks a good question.
Jared Wilson has a better word.
Mike Erich expects the supernatural.
John Watson gives us a poem.

This is interesting.
Whose are these hands?
World's ugliest animal.
Always "Plan A."
Christian without the adjectives.

Have a blessed week!


KC Bob said...

I hate health alarms - false and real! Had one a few weeks ago that resulted in hernia surgery.

Hope your week is a bit more peaceful!

Blessings, Bob

PS: Thanks for the link Fred!

co_heir said...

Bob, how are you doing? I've had a couplenofnhernia surgeries and they take quite a bit out of a person.

Weekend Wanderings

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