Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

After a few days of almost Indian Summer type temperatures, fall has returned to the sunny South. I spent the day yesterday at the local camp and retreat center where Jan and I work from time to time. They needed someone to fill in at the high ropes course zip line and to drive the bus to pick up a couple of groups of kayackers. I love being on the island where the camp is located. To me, it's one of those thin places where the presence of God is palpable.

I've gotten behind in my blog reading this week, so the selection of links will be a bit shorter. I hope you enjoy.

A funny from Eric Carpenter.
Kansas Bob on friends.
It's time to party!
M. Morford on fall.
How much does God give us?

The harder life.
Alan Knox on learning to trust.
Arthur Sido asks a very good question.
Donald Trump and the Gospel.
Good reminder for all of us.

I hope you have a blessed week!


Bob Edwards said...

Thanks for the link Fred!

Fall is easing in here in KC. They are forecasting temps with lows in the 30s this weekend.

co_heir said...

You're welcome Bob. It's supposed to be lows in the high 40s here. That's chilly for this time of year.

Acts 14

From my opportunity to teach in our gathering this morning: