Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Repost: More

This was originally posted on January 4, 2008.

It's another day, so I'll continue my story.

About three years ago, God started doing some things in me that would change the way I saw life and ministry. Through a "chance" look at a magazine, I discovered TheOoze.com and immediately began to read the articles and enter into the discussions. I became aware that there were a lot of others out there that just didn't quite fit in the cubbyholes that "church" tried to put us in. I began to read authors outside of what I knew as mainstream Christianity people like Brian McLaren, Leonard Sweet, Phillip Yancey, Mike Yaconelli, John Fischer, Rob Bell, N.T. Wright, and others.

God began to show me that at least part of what I had been taught and believed was not Biblical, but was simply a part of the culture of mid to late twentieth century America. So, now my rebellious spirit had a legitimate focus. Now, I saw myself as sort of a "missionary to the fundamentalists". I began to teach some of these things to my middle school Bible classes. I tried to convey to them that Christianity is more than just mentally assenting to certain propositions and following certain rules. Hopefully some of them got it and will spread the subversiveness.

Unfortunately, this chapter in my life was to come to a rather abrupt end. The school decided to basically eliminate all the middle school teaching positions and give those classes to the high school teachers. They also decided to eliminate the athletic director position, and since I was both a middle school teacher and the athletic director, my contract was not removed.

More to come...


Kansas Bob said...

"Christianity is more than just mentally assenting to certain propositions and following certain rules."

Well said Fred!

co_heir said...

Thanks Bob!

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