Wednesday, January 18, 2012

World Vision Wednesday

From World Vision:

VIDEO: How to change the world

So you want to change the world, but wanting to change the world, and changing the world are two separate things. See how advocates really can be catalysts for change.

Three things you can do

Pray. Ask God to show you how he might use you to be a voice for the poor and give you the courage to speak out.

Visit our Advocate Network to learn about the serious issues impacting children and families trapped in poverty and you can speak out on their behalf.

Speak out in support of humanitarian aid funding. Critical, life-saving assistance to combat hunger, child mortality, and diseases like AIDS and malaria makes up less than one percent of the federal budget, but may be subject to devastating and disproportionate cuts. Urge Congress to protect these programs. There are few places in the U.S. federal budget where dollars translate so directly into lives saved.

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