Sunday, November 20, 2011

Better Sundays?

The other day, I saw a church sign sign that read, "Come see us. Our Sundays are better than Dairy Queen." I thought, "Well maybe, but can you get the same thing the other six days of the week?" Dairy Queen is open seven days a week, so you can go at almost any time and get something good. I know a little about this particular congregation, while there may be other times throughout the week when the folks get together, the emphasis is on the Sunday morning event.

This is true in most churches today. The week is spent preparing for what goes on during the Sunday morning service. Sermon prep takes up a great deal of the pastor's time, and the worship leaders focus on what they will be doing and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Other parts of the service are planned so that the audience will have a good (insert church name) experience. So, if all you are looking for is a good Sunday, then you probably can find one in any number of church services.

However, if you are looking for community, for a group of fellow followers of Christ who will walk with you on your journey, who will love and accept you and treat you as family, you are probably looking for more than a once a week experience. Even if the early church could have gone to Dairy Queen, I doubt they would have advertised themselves as having "better Sundays." They lived life together. While they probably did not all come together at the same time every day, groups of believers did meet in each others homes from day to day. They shared meals together, they encouraged and edified one another. When there was need, they sacrificed to meet that need.

What the early church did, they did because they were devoted to Jesus first, then to each other. Because of that devotion, they wanted to spend time with each other, to know each other, and to bless each other. That couldn't have happened if they had only gathered as a large group on Sundays. Just as knowing God involves spending time with him, so knowing his children involves a commitment of time and effort. I don't believe that can happen if we only gather one day a week. Of course, I don't believe most Sunday services help believers serve one another, but that's a topic for another day.

One day a week is just not enough.


Kansas Bob said...

Very nice Fred. Sometimes I think of these ads in the genre of those for the Rotary, Elks and AmVets. Oh wait, those folks don't have to advertise. Hmmm.

co_heir said...

The church shouldn't have to either.

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