Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Wanderings

After another busy week, this weekend has been packed with things to do. Very good things, so it has been a good weekend. We received some good news that Josh starts a job with an architecture firm on Monday. We are praising God for his provision.

I've gotten a bit behind in my reading, but I'll try to share some of the best of what I have found this week.

I don't know about this (HT: iMonk).
Should we worry about the world's oceans?
A good cartoon from nakedpastor.

Reminiscing (HT: Arthur Sido).

Alan Knox on our shared mission.
Ronnie McBrayer writes that there are no relics required.

Enjoy your last week of June.


Williams Arena said...

The consumer compassion article is something I never really considered. To be honest, I was clueless about TOMS.

I also enjoyed the ocean article. I started teaching environmental science a few years ago and I think we have reason to worry about the damage.

Loved Refusing to trust what we think we understand link.

I continue to look forward to your Weekend Wanderings. Congratulations to Josh on his new job.

co_heir said...

Thank you. We're all excited.

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