Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Wanderings

One of the interesting things about having church on your back porch is watching neighbors a few doors down getting into a loud shouting match in their front yard. Someone called the sheriff and two cars came. It was quite entertaining. The school year ended on Thursday, and the summer has officially begun. I'm driving a shuttle bus for a local camp every morning and evening, and will be busy with summer basketball this month. It will be a nice change of pace and should keep me busy enough to stay out of trouble.

Here are the links:

Glenn Hager on shame.
Isn't it part of a parent's job to embarrass their children?
Arthur Sido wonders about raising our children.

Chaplain Mike on the Ascension.
Check this out (HT: iMonk).
A good post from Adam McHugh.

Alan Knox with a lesson from carpentry.
Ronnie McBrayer on eating.
Choices (HT: Scot McKnight).

What about the coming generations?

Have a great week!

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Weekend Wanderings

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