Monday, October 4, 2010


This is something I wrote a few years ago.

I was there
I knew the truth

Then you decided I had more to learn

At first it was easy
The new things were "positive" and encouraging

Then you decided I had still more to learn

Then it was hard

The new things were "negative" and discouraging

Hours of solitude and inactivity
Silence from heaven

I was in the desert
Waiting and waiting. Waiting and wondering

When will it end?
How long will I be out here?

Faith had been mine
But faith was misplaced

My faith was in what you would do
And you didn't do

What is going on here?
Why isn't this working?

You finally spoke
You told me to be patient

You sent me teachers
Those who had traveled the same path

I finally learned
To trust in you

Not in what you might do
But in you as you are

I departed the desert
But I left some things there

Just in case


Kansas Bob said...

I loved this Fred! I can so relate to the sentiments in it. Especially liked this:

Not in what you might do
But in you as you are

co_heir said...

Thanks, Bob. I'm glad you like it. Those times were huge in building my faith.


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