Friday, September 17, 2010


Last Friday, I said that it was cooling off around here. Turns out, I was wrong. It's been warmer this week than last. Maybe it'll cool down by October. This afternoon, Josh and I went kayaking on the Catawba River. It was a good workout and the river was beautiful. It was a very relaxing end to the day.

As usual, there's been some good stuff in the blogosphere this week. Here's a sampling:

Here are some good thoughts from Dan Edelen.
Here is a good post about living the questions.
Here are Todd Hiestand's thoughts on bi-vocational ministry.
Here are Matt's thoughts on bi-vocational ministry.
Here is a post from Jared Wilson on sowing justice.
Here is a sign that you might be practicing churchianity.

It's party time!
The myth of independence.
Alan Knox on qualifications and examples.
A family affair.
Circling the wagons.

Beyond redemption?
A Christian defense of irrationality.
Jesus lives in a rehab.
John Armstrong's letter to the North American church.
Why Glenn Beck isn't a big deal.
Show and tell.

Have a great weekend.


Dr. Terry Dorsett said...

Thanks for the list. Consider sharing my blog with your leaders:

co_heir said...

Looks good. I'll add it to my reading list.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey Fred, thanks for including me on your list! I've read a couple of those others (Rachel's post on Glenn Beck among others,) but I've got some catching up to do.

co_heir said...

You're welcome, Matt. I enjoy reading your blog.

Williams Arena said...

My sister lives close to the Catawba River and teaches at Catawba Community college. It is a beautiful river.

Good links as always. It is becoming a habit of mine to sit down on Sat. morning with a cup of coffee and pull up your page. Take care and while I'm the world's worst blog commentor....please know that I do enjoy TGIF

co_heir said...

Wow. Thank you.

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